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Start your story with a bang!2018-01-08T15:41:11+00:00

Your first sentence, first paragraph, first page, first chapter should put the reader in the action. Write an exciting beginning to keep your audience’s attention.

Use dialogue to move your story along.2018-01-08T15:41:54+00:00

Use dialogue to move your story along but have your characters speak naturally. Only include the necessary dialogue to avoid boring your readers.

Use active voice more than passive voice.2018-01-08T15:31:35+00:00


Active voice: “The door of the airplane was closed.”

Passive voice: The airplane door was closed.

Be consistent throughout the story.2018-01-08T15:34:56+00:00
  • Be consistent in point of view. Is your story told in first person, third person?
  • Be consistent with tense. Past or present, your choice, but be consistent.

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