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The Mad Ramblings of a Joker

Book description: Poet and former U.S. Marine Brandon Dillon makes his debut with “The Mad Ramblings of a Joker,” a brutally honest collection full of metaphor and vibrant imagery. His work covers topics such as combat PTSD, depression, and heartbreak, and softer moments of hope and reflective peace. His poetry is deep and unforgettable, a beacon for a dark world that needs a friend to say, “I’ve been there. I understand.”

*Language warning.

An excerpt from Ely Air Lines

…We thought a weather disturbance approaching from the south wouldn’t be a factor. We should be past the area long before it crept this far north. The flight was going fine until just short of Midland, Texas, when our vacuum pump failed, affecting flight instruments. Andrews County Airport was just ahead. The charts indicated services there, an FBO and a mechanic. I set up for landing and looked to the south, then at Linda. Our silence spoke that we both knew that weather might now be a factor.

The mechanic on the field said he could install a new vacuum pump, but the hit would be a nerve-wracking two-hour delay.

As he worked on our airplane, the ominous thunderstorm edged closer. The sky fell murky over Midland.

He labored. I paced.

Even from over forty miles away, I could see the dense, dark veil. Hail and heavy rain pelted the southern part of the city. Its shadow moved closer covering more of the horizon, threatening our flight out.

The mechanic worked fast. The dark got darker. – from “The Great Northwest” Ely Air Lines, Volume 2

Ely Air Lines – Select Stories from 10 Years of a Weekly Column Volumes 1 and 2

Since 2007, readers have enjoyed engaging articles weekly in Ely Air Lines. Co-authors Mike Ely and Linda Street-Ely have collected 100 stories from the first 10 years of their column that explore the realm of the flyer’s world. Their two-volume set is now available on Amazon, Kindle, and where books are sold.

Ely Air Lines is the sort of reporting that will make the masses care about general aviation and help us protect the freedom to fly.

–Mark Baker, President and CEO, AOPA

The stories in the Ely Air Lines books provide an inside view of aviation missing from the daily sound-bite news. Definitely recommended reading.

–Richard VanGrunsven, Founder and CEO of Van’s Aircraft, Inc.

A delightful collection of perceptive commentaries from deep inside the grassroots of American aviation.

–Rick Durden, Aviation attorney, CFII, ATP, author of hundreds of aviation articles and of The Thinking Pilot book series

These short stories are an easy reminder of why we all fell in love with aviation.

–Nina Keefer, Co-founder and Chief Pilot of Anthelion Helicopters

Ely Air Lines gives an insight into the people and events that are the reason we are all so passionate about aviation.

–Debby Rihn-Harvey, U.S. National and World Aerobatic Champion, retired airline captain, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

The Ely Air Lines book series captures what’s most important about general aviation flying—the people and the relation-ships.

–Mark Baker, President and CEO, AOPA
This two-volume collection quietly opens up the fascinating world of life at little airports—and the lives of the people who frequent them.
–Rick Durden, Aviation attorney, CFII, ATP, author of hundreds of aviation articles and of The Thinking Pilot book series
An easy read that will relax the mind, and leave the reader wishing for their own blue sky adventures. Absolutely recommended reading.
–Nina Keefer, Co-founder and Chief Pilot of Anthelion Helicopters


Sometimes people say mean things that hurt our feelings, and we don’t understand why they do that.

Six-year-old Sanderson Hamilton Jefferson Burrison loved his family, their home on the farm, their cows, and his teacher. Everyone called him “Cowlick” because of the tuft of hair that stood up at the top of his forehead.

Excited about starting first grade, Cowlick soon learned that not everyone understood the love of cows as he did. Not everyone liked his nickname, or his hair. As Cowlick learned, even when people say mean things we can be strong, and we can win by doing things that are right.

Climb inside Cowlick’s story and find out how a boy was brave, even when other children were making fun of him. Then talk about it:

Who won, what was won, what was the right thing to do, and why it was right?

When We Move To Heaven

A true story of faith, love, family, tragedy, grace and God.

Not knowing that very soon she would be moving to heaven, four-year old Jessica Street drew this prophetic picture.

This drawing would serve as a message of comfort and of hope for Linda, Jessica’s mother. It would also become the cover illustration of a book, a message of hope for all God’s people:  “When We Move To Heaven.”

From the ashes of painful loss Linda finds healing, strength, hope, and joy for all eternity. And a peace that passes all understanding.  Read how God raised Linda from the darkest depths to soar on eagles’ wings.

Her journey will leave you in awe of God’s power and faithfulness. Come be inspired and comforted in God’s great plan for eternal life.